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Equipment Hire


Equipment Hire

Short to long term hire available in Torbay & surrounding areas:

New Ability offer a wide rang of Scooters, Wheelchairs and mobility equipment for hire. Our hire services are popular with tourists visiting the area that are unable to bring their own equipment with them. We have a established working relationship with many of the hotels and apartments around the Torbay, and we are able to arrange delivery and collection of the equipment so that is there for when you arrive and collect it once your visit is over.

We can also provide equipment to assist with recuperation following surgery. We offer flexible hire terms based around the needs of the individual.

• Wheelchairs – transit & self propelled

We have a range of wheelchairs covering both “transit” and “self propelled” types. Transit chairs feature small wheels to both the front and rear of the chair. These chairs are designed to be maneuvered by the pusher of the chair only. As a result of the small rears on the rear of the chair they tend to be lighter than self propelled types.

Self propelled chairs have large wheels fitted at the rear of the chair, designed so the user of the chair can move and propel them selves if required or desired. Some of our wheelchairs are available with handbrakes fitted to the rear handles allowing the operator of the chair to apply braking via the brakes fitted to the handles.
• Scooters – both large and small

Our fleet of Scooters contains a range of models each with their own features. We offer “Boot” scooters that are designed to easily dismantle to fit into boots of cars or coaches. These scooters are ideal if you plan on traveling to various sites by car or coach then wish to use the scooter to travel around your destination.

We also provide “Pavement 4MPH” scooters that are nimble and designed to be used around pavements and similar areas. These types of scooter do not dismantle or fold up for traveling but do have larger battery capicity that allows for greater distance to be covered on a single charge.

Our “Road 8MPH” scooters are the largest and most powerful type of scooter we provide for hire. These scooters are able to accommodate heavier users (up to 18 stone) and the batterys fitted offer the largest range – this can be up to 35 miles! These scooters are also well suited to hilly areas where more power is needed to navigate the roads and walks encountered..

• Commodes
• Rise recline armchairs
• Other items available on request

If you wish to enquire about any of the items we hire.

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